Your Health In Your Own Hands

More and more, Pharmaceutical companies, Doctor's associations and Government squeeze alternative healing and make it downright dangerous, in some cases, to offer ailing people any help. With that in mind, we make it clear on this website, from our website name onward, that you will find No Doctors Here. We are 'unqualified' to give any healing advice and readers should view anything we say with skepticism, suspicion, doubt, even disdain. That said, we collect and share any information we find interesting about improving one's health and living a long, happy, loving life. We hope we can be of some small help to those who suffer and those who wish to avoid suffering. Please leave a comment about whether any of these topics would interest you:

  • tinnitus
  • longevity
  • beauty
  • sex
  • men's health
  • women's health
  • flat stomach
  • abs
  • zero impact workout
  • herbal infusions
  • sugar-free recipes
  • diet
  • breakfast when you're hungry
  • small dinner
  • mental health
  • bone health
  • natural supplements

And, please suggest any topics you'd like to discuss.

Women's Health: 

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